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MMJGA - Helping kids stay on courseRequirements For Participants

The MMJGA program requires a two-year commitment, as well a promise to maintain good grades in school. Caddie training sessions and golf lessons are mandatory in order to remain in the program and to caddie at private courses.

Caddie Training and Employment

Our partner courses expect the best and therefore MMJGA training is quite extensive. It consists of off-course meetings held at the Urban League and on-course training sessions held at Theodore Wirth Par 3 Golf Course. Additionally, mandatory advanced caddie training lessons are conducted on a weekly basis. After the completion of training, caddies are tested and matched with a private course for the golf season.

Golf Instruction and Activities

During the months of April and May, MMJGA participants attend supplemental golf training/lessons.

Caddie and golf training continues throughout the summer with the goal of moving participants from beginning caddie to Honor Level Caddie within the two-year period. Additionally, caddie golf tournaments and lessons are held each Monday morning at various courses in Minneapolis to give participants a chance to practice their golf skills.

Special Caddying Opportunities

The Program Director actively works with local golf professionals to find golf tournaments and other special events for MMJGA caddies. Certain events only accept a limited number of caddies and only top performers will be selected.

Caddie Program Standards and Compensation Guidelines

As part of our strategic plan to assist our caddies and in the best interest of the MMJGA and the community it serves, we have developed the following caddie standards and compensation guidelines.

MMJGA Caddie Standards:

  • Attend MMJGA caddie school and graduate (8 hours of training)
  • Know the difference between irons, woods, putter and uses of each
  • Show the correct way to enter and rake a bunker
  • Demonstrate ability to find and fix ball marks
  • Know how to correctly attend the flag stick and where to stand
  • Know correct procedures for: water hazard, out of bounds, ball in bunker, putting green etiquette, teeing ground etiquette, and conclusion at the end of the round
  • Show desire to earn Honor Level caddie status
  • Have excellent knowledge of all rules and etiquette
  • Participate in two outside or professional events

Honor Level Caddie Standards:

  • Demonstrated commitment to the program for at least two years
  • Completes three loops per week consistently
  • Demonstrates physical strength to carry doubles for eighteen holes
  • Shows an interest in helping to train new recruits

Note: Honor Level Caddies are eligible for MMJGA’s scholarship assistance