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MMJGA - Helping kids stay on courseWho We Are

MMJGA is one of the most unique programs of its kind. We differ from other "growth of the game" programs by:

  • Developing life skills
  • Developing entrepreneurial skills through caddying
  • Awarding scholarships to qualifying caddies
  • Encouraging parental involvement

How The Program Works

Each year we recruit and train over fifty caddies. Recruitment is done through Minneapolis community centers and the Minneapolis Urban League. Before becoming a caddie, each youth receives extensive training from MMJGA staff and graduates. MMJGA caddies then have the opportunity to work at private golf clubs throughout the Twin Cities and receive free golf training. An MMJGA Caddiemaster provides ongoing training and ensures that caddies continue to develop their skills.

We have established partnerships with a variety of private courses to provide caddying opportunities for participants. These include:

  • Golden Valley Golf and Country Club
  • Minikahda Club
  • Town & Country Club
  • Oak Ridge Country Club

MMJGA - Helping kids stay on courseLearn The Game

In addition to learning caddying, the MMJGA has teamed with the University of Minnesota to provide an outlet to play the game of golf. Throughout the season participants will have golf lessons with our head professional, Dee Forsberg-Voss, at Les Bolsted University of Minnesota practice center. The MMJGA also hosts weekly golf outings, courtesy of the Minneapolis Park Board.

Beyond The MMJGA

Caddies with two years of excellent caddie service, financial qualifications and good grades could become eligible for the Evans Scholarship — a full tuition scholarship to the University of Minnesota. One proud graduate of our program, Tasha Phillips, received this honor graduating from the U of M with a degree in urban studies in 2008. For more information on the Evans Scholarship visit their website at

MMJGA Success Stories

The program has developed competitive golf standouts with many MMJGA graduates going on to excel with their high school golf teams and some even gaining national attention. Desmond Calloway and James Cannon were both selected to participate in The Tiger Woods Foundation Golf Camp in 1999. In 2005, Tasha Phillips became the first alumnus of the MMJGA to win the Evans Scholarship. Countless other MMJGA alums have used the life skills gained from caddying to go on to successes academically and professionally.