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What is a caddie all about?

A golf caddie is a person who carries a players bag over the course of 18 holes. It is a demanding, physical job, not to be taken lightly. A caddie must walk approximately 5-6 miles over the course of a round, up and down hills, carry a bag that can weigh up to 30 pounds or more, and do so in all kinds of weather. Caddies can however, make very good money in relation to the time spent working.

What is the MMJGA about?

MMJGA gives urban youth the opportunity to experience the skill and discipline of the game of golf by making golf available and affordable. MMJGA promotes good citizenship by expecting all participants to maintain good grades and exemplify good character. Through the MMJGA, young people and their families have an opportunity to learn a life long sport that teaches humility, discipline, honesty, integrity, and self-respect. Participants make a two-year commitment to the program and enjoy the rewards of establishing and following through with long-term goals. As an added benefit, these young people have the opportunity to earn income and free rounds of golf by working as caddies. Additionally, some exceptional young people will receive scholarship funds to assist them in defraying their educational costs and for advanced golf lessons if they are committed to golf as a life’s profession.

For kids not old enough to caddie, or for those kids not wanting to be a caddie, we offer a golf program held at various golf courses in Minneapolis on Monday mornings throughout the summer. This will give your child a chance to play the game and interact with other children with similar interests.

What about the training period?

In order for our partner golf courses to have full trust in our organization, we have to train effectively. The training period will consist of both off-course and on-course training sessions at the Urban League and Theodore Wirth Par 3 Golf Course. The kids that make it through the initial tests at the Minneapolis Urban League will then proceed to on-course training. Completion of the training program and passing of the final test are mandatory for participation in the program.

What will be our responsibilities as parents?

Transportation and support will be the primary role of the parents. Attendance is critical to the success of your child and our organization. Any child that does not attend all of the training sessions, or does not complete required testing materials, will not have adequate training and will not be allowed to participate in the program. Golf facilities will not tolerate half-trained caddies. We also ask that parents and guardians support their child’s pledge to the MMJGA to be a good citizen and good student and always act in a way that reflects on themselves, their family, and the Minnesota Minority Junior Golf Association.

What is the next step?

Please see the Programs page for more information.