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Kara VueBenson will be attending the University of Minnesota as an Evans Scholar Fall 2014

Former MMJGA Caddie Karah VueBenson accepts Evans Scholarship to the University of Minnesota

September 9, 2014
By MMJGA Staff

No doubt summer is winding down and fall is fast approaching in Minnesota. Terms like the State Fair, Labor Day and football are the initial hints.  However students look at this time with mixed emotions, as the end of summer only means one thing to them, those three dreaded words; back to school.


Former MMJGA caddie, Karah VueBenson views this fall differently though, as she is excited for her first semester to start at the University of Minnesota. What sets VueBenson apart is that she is attending the university as an Evans Scholar, a four-year scholarship awarded to golf caddies from around the country. Yes that is correct, not a golf scholarship but a caddie scholarship.  And it was with the MMJGA that VueBenson was first introduced to caddying.

The MMJGA sat down with VueBenson last spring to talk about caddying, how she got started and her upcoming year at the U of MN.

MMJGA: What brought you to the MMJGA in the first place?

VueBenson: “I played club soccer and we had a trip to Europe and I knew I needed to raise money for that.  I heard about MMJGA through my school and my mom said let’s go.  I was really fascinated when I first heard about the whole caddie culture.  The whole concept of there being someone to help an athlete with their game intrigued me.”


MMJGA: How did you learn about the Evans Scholarship?

VueBenson: “We heard about in the first (MMJGA) meeting, since then it has been a goal of mine for over six years.”


MMJGA: What was caddying like your first year?

VueBenson: “I went to the first orientation at Town & Country which was basically a review for me from all the stuff I learned at MMJGA.  I was the only girl caddie that first year so that also pushed me on.  I wanted to show them that I am a girl but I am still physically able to carry a bag or do as well as any of the guys, or even better.”


MMJGA:  What advice would you give to someone who is looking to give caddying a try?

VueBenson:   “Caddying is what you make of it. If they want to be a good caddie and possibly go for the Evans Scholarship they need to put the work forward and really take it upon themselves to establish a good relationship with people at their club. And tell their parents they are going to be pursuing this and to ask them for their support, because that was one thing that really helped me, that my parents were really supportive of me.”


MMJGA: What are you most looking forward to during your first year at the U of MN?

VueBenson: “Living in the Evans house. It will be really great to be able to go to a big University with 30 people that I know and really have a strong connection with even before school starts.  And I think being able to study what I am really interested in, I really want to learn more about social justice issue and history, and learn how I can apply my knowledge to the real world.”


MMJGA:  Anything else?

VueBenson: “For all the girl caddies out there…it’s possible to carry double bags.  You are still able to do the caddie experience no matter what the guys are saying or what anyone else is saying. It’s still achievable and it might even be an asset for you.”