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F. Clayton Tyler
F. Clayton Tyler, P.A.

F. Clayton Tyler, founder and chairman of the board of MMJGA, worked as a caddie growing up on the North Side. Tyler said that when he was a twelve-year-old, former University of Minnesota football quarterback Sandy Stephens would pick Tyler up to be his caddie every day during the summer.

"I made money and I learned about people," Tyler said. "What I try to do is take these kids and teach them a little bit about commitment."


Executive Committee

Board Members


  • Jackie Cherryhomes - Executive Director
  • Noah Gagner - Caddie Master
  • Susan Kalenze - Bookkeeping/Administration
  • Cathy Duvall - Administration


Program Committee Members:

  • Steve Ettel
  • Jim Ryan
  • F. Clayton Tyler

Personnel Committee Members:

  • Alex Kronick
  • Ann Pasch
  • Scott Stevenson

Golf Committee Members:

  • Jay Berine
  • Lou DeMars
  • Steve Ettel
  • Alex Kronick
  • Scott Stevenson