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CaddyCaddie Newsletter

Issue: #3

May 15, 2008

Hello MMJGA Participants & Parents,

Things are really getting exciting for the 2008 season. Most of you have already been out caddying and playing and we are thrilled with the fantastic participation. Now is the time to keep up the enthusiasm because often the month of May can be difficult for a young caddie - as there are often more caddies than jobs available. Hang in there and don't forget to have some fun.


Vans to the Courses

Van transportation starts THIS WEEKEND! On Saturday May 17th and Sunday May 18th, we will have transportation to the golf courses. Due to scheduling problems we are unable to provide rides at the end of your loops, but we can meet you half way by getting there.

If you want a ride for Saturday or Sunday morning call Jack by Friday at 5:00 PM at 612.309.8884. Leave a message with your name, home course and time you need to be at your golf course. Jack will call you back Friday evening with details on your pickup time and location. Keep in mind that all pickups will be from Minneapolis Recreation Centers & the Urban League.

If you reserve a ride, you must show up. There will be no mercy on this issue. If you reserve a ride and do not show up you will lose your van riding priviledges for the year.


Tuesday, May 20th at 6:30 PM

We have our first clinic with our head professional, Dee Forsberg coming up this week. The details are below:

Tuesday, May 20th at 6:30 PM

Les Bolsted Golf Course (U of M)
2175 W. Larpenteur Ave
Falcon Heights, MN 55113

The lesson will last one hour. If convenient, we are asking that as many people drive there as possible, but if you need transportation, follow this protocol:

Please leave a message with Jack by Sunday at 5:00 PM at 612.309.8884 with your name saying that you need a ride for the golf clinic. Jack will then call you back Sunday evening letting you know the time and place of pickup.


First Clinic of the Year a Success

The University of Minnesota Men's and Women's golf programs hosted the second annual "Golf with Goldy" at the Les Bolstad University Golf Course on Saturday, May 10th from 1:00 to 2:30 p.m.

Despite cold temperatures and a constant rain, eighteen brave MMJGA participants battled the elements to participate in this fun event.

The event started with a brief clinic followed by tips and instruction from members of the Gopher men's and women's golf teams, coaches, and Golf Institute instructors.

For many of our participants, it was their first time hitting a golf ball and everyone did an excellent job.


I love your phone calls, but...

First of all, I appreciate open communication and this year the participants have done a wonderful job of communicating. However, there have been several cases in which people have contacted me when it is too late for me to do anything about it.

For example, calling me on a Friday night at 10:00 PM with a question about the meeting time on Saturday morning is too late. And if you're reading this and you think I'm calling you out personally... you're not alone. This happens quite regularly in our program and to remedy this, I want us all to get in the habit of using our planners. This way, you will have all of the information down on paper.

Please get in the habit of bringing your MMJGA planners with you for all MMJGA events and caddying assignments. They fit comfortably in your pocket and are easy to carry with you. And if you use them regularly, you will not have to worry about remembering the meeting time and your life with be a lot less stressful.

Again, I want to re-iterate that I welcome phone calls & emails with any problems or concerns you might have. But I also want to encourage responsibility. Please plan ahead so you don't have to scramble at the last minute.


Trainings Wrapping up

For many of you, your course trainings are finishing up. Below is the training status of all of our courses.

Golden Valley Caddies
7001 Golden Valley Road
Golden Valley, MN 55427

To clarify, there is a new system for Golden Valley in which Caddiemaster Cameron calls caddies a few days in advance if he needs them for the weekend. This means that you do not report unless you are called. The good news about this process is that you won't have to wait around the caddieshack very long for an assignment. If you don't get called soon, contact Jack.

Minikahda Caddies
3205 Excelsior Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55416

The final Minikahda orientation day is Sunday May 18 at 10 AM. This is the last orientation of the season so you MUST attend if you haven't attended one yet. Some of you have finished the training and are already caddying. Keep up the good work!

Oak Ridge Caddies
700 Oak Ridge Road
Hopkins, MN 55305

Trainings have concluded & the next step is one shadow loop. Report to Oak Ridge between 7-8 AM on a weekend for that final step of training.

Town & Country Caddies
300 Mississippi River Blvd N
St Paul, MN 55104

The training sessions have concluded and you now must complete two 9-hole shadow loops before you are a full fledged caddie. Report between 6:30-7 (no earlier than 6:30) to the course on a weekend morning to complete your training.

Midland Hills Caddies
2001 Fulham Street
Saint Paul, MN 55113

The training session has concluded and new caddies must complete one shadow loop. Please report to Midland Hills between 6:30-7 AM on Saturday or Sunday for your loops.

If you missed your home course training session or if you have any other questions, contact Jack at 612.309.8884.

All good things,
Jack Stahlmann