Is the MMJGA a caddie work program or a golf program?
Both. Most MMJGA participants are involved in both the caddying and playing aspects of the program, but we do have participants who chose to only caddie or golf.

How old do I have to be to participate?
Because this is a work program, ALL participants must be at least 13 years old.

Do I have to be a minority?
No. The MMJGA welcomes all ethnicities.

Can parents get involved?
YES. Almost all kids who succeed in our program do so with supportive parents. We love parental involvement in the program, from car-pooling to volunteering at golf outings.

How much work is it to be a MMJGA caddie?
We expect at least a 3-day per week commitment from our participants throughout the summer. Weekends are particularly important, as that is when the best caddie opportunities are available.

How often does the MMJGA host golf outings?
Once school is out we usually host a “play day” every Monday at a Minneapolis public course. Additionally, we have golf lessons available throughout the summer.

Does is cost money to play golf with MMJGA?
No. All MMJGA “play days” and other golf functions are free!

What courses does the MMJGA partner with?
Minikahda Golf Club (Minneapolis), Golden Valley Country Club, Town & Country Club (St. Paul) and Oak Ridge Golf Club (Hopkins). All MMJGA participants are matched with a home course that is geographically friendly to their home location.

Does the MMJGA provide transportation?
Not usually. It is the responsibility of the caddie to get themselves to and from their home course. However, we will provide transportation for all of our “play days” and other special events.

Is there a caddie uniform?
Every course that partners with the MMJGA has slightly different uniform regulations, but in general all caddies must wear a collared shirt and khaki pants (not cargo pants). Hats and sunscreen are highly encouraged.

What training does the MMJGA provide?
The MMJGA provides a four-week training program at the Minneapolis Urban League on Saturday’s in the spring. All caddies must pass the official Western Golf Association caddie test upon completion of their training before being placed at one of our partner courses.

Does the MMJGA have scholarships?
Yes, we have our own annual scholarships ranging from $100-1,000. These scholarships are awarded at the end of the season to the best performing caddies throughout the year. Additional scholarships are available to caddies, including the Evans Scholarship – a full four-year scholarship sponsored by the Western Golf Association.

How much does a caddie get paid?
Payment ranges depending on the course, but typically caddies get paid a flat rate between $14-20 for a 4-5 hour “loop” (or round of golf). Caddies will also get tipped for their services and these tips vary greatly depending on the player. Some rounds a caddie will get tipped $5, other rounds a caddie could earn $100 or more.

Does a caddie get a round right away when they show up for work?
No. Caddies often have to wait several hours to get a “loop”.

Does a caddie get work every day?
NO! This is the ultimate down side of caddying. It is possible for a caddie to report to the course and there is no work, which means no money for the day. This will be especially common early in the career of a caddie because most courses operate on a seniority system. Obviously, this can get frustrating. But if you have the patience and work ethic to tolerate some tough going early in the season, you will be rewarded in the end.

How can I succeed as a MMJGA caddie?
Woody Allen once said, “90% of life if showing up!” This couldn’t be truer in the MMJGA. There will very frustrating moments – days in which you wait hours to work and days when you get no work at all – but if have the patience and perseverance, you will succeed. The MMJGA has produced Evans Scholars, scholarship golfers, college graduates and outstanding citizens. Are you ready for the challenge?