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2015 Caddie Season

Registration for the 2015 caddie program is now closed. Please contact us at (612) 702-1406 or email Mitch at demoss222@gmail.com to be added to the list for next year.

Helping kids stay on course.

Minnesota Minority Junior Golf Association (MMJGA) began with a simple observation: if you give kids a chance, teach them a life skill, expose them to opportunity and surround them with the support, discipline and direction of a timeless sport and positive peer group, they will flourish.

Since 1987, MMJGA has been giving inner-city, low-income and minority youth a chance to learn the great game of golf and to earn extra income and life skills through caddying. The results have been wonderful. Our graduates have gone on to earn scholarships, pursue college educations, maintain friendships from the program and develop a lifelong love for the game of golf.

We need your help!

MMJGA relies solely on private and corporate sponsors, philanthropic organizations and partners. We are proud that all funds donated to MMJGA directly benefit youth. We need your help, please consider donating today.

Tiger WoodsTiger Woods takes time out for kids.

"My father has always taught me that there are only two things in life you have to do. You have to share and you have to care." Tiger Woods

One of the top role models today for minority youth is an articulate, soft-spoken and world-respected golfer. But how can inner-city youth aspiring to "be like Tiger" participate in a game that is not always accessible to them? Pictured above is former MMJGA Program Director Jack Stahlmann and Tiger Woods with MMJGA Junior golfers James and Nick. For more about Tiger's visit with MMJGA click here.

MMJGA Participants

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